Simple Pleasures Cafe

Simple Pleasures Cafe


Hi! Welcome to Our Menu

Another Welcome Note to Our Lovely Guests

  • We like home-cooked food so we prepare most of our sauces, pieces of bread, jams, and meals ourselves.
  • We like quality fresh foods so we grow our own or source from local organic farmers where possible.
  • We like good coffee and tea, but who doesn’t?
  • We like a relaxed comfortable place to sit and enjoy company so we invite you to enjoy the simple pleasures we provide.
  • We also sell many of the things we make including pieces of bread, muesli, quark, pickles, jams, and of course our chickens’ eggs.
  • A child-friendly space has been created under the sala, so your young ones can play there. We also welcome your pets if you wish to bring them. Or feel free to play a game of petanque on our lawn if you like.
  • Lastly, we are happy to cater for your special function or meal by arrangement, if

  • you want to use the sala or garden.

  • Please enjoy the café, there is a short walk through the “forest” (an old overgrown fruit orchard) behind the chicken shed or a longer walk along the river.

All Day Breakfast

  1. Shakshuka (Moroccan) – served with Chiang Mai sausage, poached egg, and homemade bread (vegetarian option available which includes fetta) 180 THB
  2. Our Eggs - poached, scrambled, fried, or even as an omelet with our homemade breads and salad. (homemade bacon 70 extra) 150 THB
  3. Homemade yoghurt and muesli with seasonal fruits /or substitute homemade yogurt for quark 150/170 THB
  4. Crumpets – 2 homemade crumpets with lemon butter 90 THB
  5. Toast – homemade breads with a selection of jams 60 THB


  1. Cheese and herb pie – served with salad or fries 220 THB
  2. Gaeng Hung Lay – Pork curry in a rich spicy sauce served with rice 200 THB
  3. Penne pasta with homemade spicy sun-dried tomato pesto sauce 180 THB
  4. Persian fish – fried fish pieces in a curry with tamarind and coriander, served with rice 180 THB
  5. Simple Pleasures Burger – 140gms grilled beef burger with caramelized onions and cheese on a homemade bun, fries, or salad, (vegetarian burger option available) 190 THB
  •     Add bacon/ or beetroot, fried egg 80 / 20 THB

7. Open Sandwiches

  • Grilled ham and cheese; 160 THB
  • Fried egg and bacon; 160 THB
  • Smoked salmon, cream cheese, and cappers; 180 THB


  1. Greek Salad – tomato, cucumber, red onion, lettuce, feta, and black olives. 140 THB
  2. Simple Pleasures salad – beetroot, quark (a soft cheese), grilled pepper, onion, cucumber, tomato, lettuce 180 THB
  3. Tea Leaf salad – fermented tea leaves, lettuce, tomato, crushed peanuts 160 THB
  4. Caesar salad – comes with bacon and poached egg 200 THB

Small Plates

  1. Home fried potato chips with sauces (vegan) 120 THB
  2. Chicken wings – fried and seasoned in fish sauce, salt and pepper
  3. 100 THB
  4. Spring rolls with cheese and nam prik num 120 THB
  5. Plain brown rice 20 THB
  6. 2 slices of bread or toast (whole-meal, rye or sourdough) 50 THB
  7. Bacon, 2 pieces 80 THB

Deserts/ Sweets

  1. Ask for our daily selection of cakes and pies
  2. Homemade yogurt and jam 60 THB
  3. Quark with honey and bee pollen 80 THB