Simple Pleasures Cafe

Simple Pleasures Cafe


Our Homemade Products 

We like growing and making our own foods. We hope you enjoy them. A number of our menu items are available for sale so you can enjoy them in your own homes and make preparing meals easier.

  • Eggs - 4 THB/each

Our free-range hens lay more eggs than we can use. If you want, you may hand-feed the chickens that produce the eggs you take home.

  • Pickles 

Pickled petals of the dahla flower (red ginger lily), cucumber, garlic, beetroot, (prices and availability vary so please ask).

  • Yogurt - 90 THB/each 

A liter of homemade yogurt, please bring your own jar or we can provide a container for you at 100THB extra (refundable on return).

  • Quark - 80 THB

Ideal for using in spreads and sauces.

  • Varieties of specialty bread
  1. Wholemeal multi-grain (150 THB)
  2. Rye (160 THB)
  3. Sourdough (170 THB) – white, wholewheat, country
  4. Sourdough rye (180 THB)
  5. Sourdough seeded ,flax seed ,cranberry/coriander seeds  (220 THB)
  6. Sourdough gluten-free (270 THB)
  7. White high loaf (120 THB)
  8. Gluten-free sandwich (240 THB)

  • Muesli - 550 THB

500gm and includes over 20 ingredients with nuts, seeds, dried fruit, and grains.

  • Apple Pie - 540 THB

A Simple Pleasures signature dessert.

  • Cheesecakes - 620 THB

We can make a range of cheesecakes, lime, blueberry, white chocolate raspberry, etc.

Pre-ordering is required. Please pre-order by asking Judith or by phoning Simple Pleasures Café 0936 727252.