Simple Pleasures Cafe

Simple Pleasures Cafe


Hi! Welcome to Our Menu

Another Welcome Note to Our Lovely Guests

  • We like home-cooked food so we prepare most of our sauces, pieces of bread, jams, and meals ourselves.
  • We like quality fresh foods so we grow our own or source from local organic farmers where possible.
  • We like good coffee and teas, but who doesn’t.
  • We also sell many of the things we make including pieces of bread, muesli, quark, pickles, jams, and of course our chickens’ eggs.

All Day Breakfast

  1. Shakshuka (Moroccan) – served with Chiang Mai sausage, poached egg, and homemade bread (vegetarian option available which includes fetta). 170 THB
  2. Our Eggs - poached, scrambled, or fried with our homemade bread. 140 THB
  3. Homemade yogurt and muesli with seasonal fruits /or substitute homemade quark for yogurt. 140/160 THB
  4. Crumpets – 2 homemade crumpets with honey or jam or peanut butter 60 THB
  5. Butterfly pea omelet – a mix of blue and white flowers with a bit of salad and bread or rice or/ Tea leaf omelet – fermented tea leaves and seasonings served with rice or bread 140/ 150 THB
  6. Toast – homemade bread with a selection of jams (Gluten bread available for an extra 20 on top of menu price) 60 THB


  1. Cheese and herb pie – served with salad or fries 180 THB
  2. Gaeng Hung Lay – Pork curry in a rich spicy sauce served with rice 180 THB
  3. Nacho bowl 160 THB
  4. Penne pasta with homemade pesto sauce 160 THB
  5. Persian fish – fried fish pieces in a curry, tamarind, and coriander sauce served with rice 150 THB
  6. Burger – 140gms grilled beef burger on a homemade bun, fries, and salad, (vegetarian burger option available) 150 THB

- Add bacon 45 THB

- Add caramelized onions, ham, cheese, beetroot, grilled pepper 20 THB each      

- Add fried egg 10 eachChefs platter, a mix of the menu, and a few daily surprises 160 THB

7. Open Sandwiches

-Grilled ham and cheese; 130 THB

Hummus, grilled pepper, and rocket; (vegan) 140 THB

- Smoked salmon, cream cheese, and cappers; 160 THB


  1. Greek Salad – tomato, cucumber, red onion, lettuce, feta, and black olives 120 THB
    1. Simple Pleasures salad – beetroot, quark (a soft cheese), grilled pepper, onion, tomato, lettuce 160 THB
    2. Garden Salad – selection of seasonal vegetables from the garden when available / add smoked salmon 80 /140 THB
    3. Caesar salad – comes with bacon and poached egg 160 THB

    Small Plates

    1. Dip platter – A selection of 3 dips, served with fresh naan 120 THB

      1. Home fried potato chips with sauces (vegan) 110 THB
      2. Grilled pork with spicy dip 130 THB
      3. Chicken wings – fried and seasoned in fish sauce, salt, and pepper 90 THB
      4. Spring rolls with cheese and nam-prik-num 110 THB


      1. Plain brown rice 15 THB
      2. Dry roasted nuts 90 THB
        1. 2 slices of bread (whole-meal, rye, or white) 30 THB
        2. Bacon, 2 pieces 45 THB
        3. Naan bread / Garlic naan 30 /50 THB

        Deserts/ Sweets

        1. Ask for our daily selection of cakes and pies
        2. Homemade yogurt and jam 50 THB
        3. Quark with honey and bee pollen 80 THB