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Simple Pleasures Cafe


Small plates, sides and deserts

Dip platter 100

Humus, beetroot & cream cheese, severed with fresh naan and selection of vegetables from the garden.  -photo-

Home fried potatoes with dips (vegan) 90


Chicken wings 110

Fried and seasoned in fish sauce, salt and pepper.   

Mushrooms 90

Deep fried with garlic sauce.  -photo-

Spring rolls with cheese and nam prik num 110


Plain brown rice 15


Garlic bread 40


Naan bread / garlic naan 30 / 40


Deserts change weekly, so please ask or check the cake fridge

Traditional Thai ice cream 50

Flavors include coconut, chocolate, sticky rice, pandan, taro. -photo-

Home made yoghurt and jam 50